Conservation Working Holiday

IMG_1171Thanks to some incredibly intrepid volunteers we were able to carry out the path maintenance week despite having some serious weather chucked at us! We had five volunteers venture over from the mainland, the assistance from a volunteer already on the island and Neil, resident crofter to the island and runs Eigg Organics on a normal week but we had his expertise on our path week! The Monday morning was set with high winds and the usual boat angst of will she, won’t she sail and will they, won’t they all be on the boat… The boat did sail, docked at the pier and for the first time of a working holiday everyone arrived present, correct and not to green! After the journey and sail to Eigg the rest of the day is spent settling in. Tuesday was forecasted for 50mph winds….we met IMG_1148regardless of the forecast and the wind and rain beating at the window in the morning and took a walk to the site. We spent the morning doing some drainage work further down the hill which was more sheltered and everyone was delighted to play about in water! By the afternoon the wind had calmed (a little) and the delivery of our gravel had been made so all systems were go on replacing, repairing and placing new steps to the steep incline down to the caves. Bridges were replaced, more drainage and ditches dug. A brilliant team to kick of the volunteer season, morale stayed high even throughout the hail storms, gale force winds and relentless showers. Day 4 we were blessed with a full day of sunshine but then back to rain for the final day!! A huge thanks goes to everyone for making it a memorable week and long may the excellent standard of enthusiasm for volunteering last!

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