Volunteers are here!

What a cracking start to the volunteer season! We have had volunteers signed up straight after our conservation working holiday from the 6th of April which is unusually early and from now on three volunteers at any time, booked solid until the end of August! The advantages of having volunteers so early in the season we have managed to take an early attack at the brambles that are clearly making an attempt of taking over the island, but not this year with our super dedicated volunteers! We have been fitting in some fun stuff to like,

Serious hedge trimming by pure muscle power!

IMG_1242   IMG_1246   IMG_1254

Weeding and re-doing the hazel fence on the herb garden

IMG_1198   IMG_1211   IMG_1219

Marking path routes

IMG_1270   IMG_1275   IMG_1274

Debarking logs to be planked for use on bridges & steps


And just so you don’t think it is all sunshine and fun every day we added a little mud with some ditch digging!

IMG_1182   IMG_1189

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