May & June

Even with the massive undertaking of the community hall steps project we still managed to get up to a thing or two else in May in between waiting for the wood to be cut or delivery of gravel etc….

IMG_1314  IMG_1312

IMG_1315  IMG_1320

Bridge repairs



IMG_1382  IMG_1388

More hedge work

IMG_1456  IMG_1457  IMG_1468

More coloured route marking


To finish off May, there is nothing like playing in the mud!


IMG_1460  IMG_1462  IMG_1464

Kicking off June with a bit more drainage work and playing with more mud!

IMG_1486  IMG_1487

Clearing round trees planted out in February.

IMG_1497 IMG_1498

Completion of the massive hedge trimming!

IMG_1505  IMG_1503

Clearing back the forestry roadside and saving some alders that were trying to make themselves at home in the middle of the road!

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