July passed so fast that I only have one photo from the whole month! We have been busy every Monday with the Craft fairs setting up the tables and manning the Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust table. Every Friday is ‘Croft Day’, giving volunteers the opportunity to see how the land can be used in such different ways by helping out crofters on a rotational basis. Volunteers have helped out Catherine and Pascal, they use the land to grow willow to make baskets All About Willow. Eddie’s croft, collects and harvests the Bluebell seeds for sale, more info by clicking here. Celia’s croft has Hebridean sheep, polytunnel and a garden but also has an exciting off shoot business Selkie Explorers. Eigg Organics have many things going on, find out by clicking here. Earth Connections have had assistance also this month, not a croft but a worthwhile organisation to help out with click here for more info. All crofts benefit hugely by the assistance of a volunteer for the day and volunteers gain many different skills by this opportunity. Out-with the Craft fairs and Croft days the main tasks covered throughout July was clearing around trees in various locations, attacking the never ending brambles and some trimming and pruning in the Lodge grounds. Still waiting for the summer to come…..

This is the one and only picture taken in July (!) a start of clearing around trees.