August saw the season end of all the volunteers for the Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust and the Scottish Wildlife Trust. On the 31st of August we waved a fond farewell to the remaining 4, only 3 in the photo as one left on a different ferry just to avoid a photo!


It is always sad to see the volunteer season come to a close as volunteers add so much to our wee community and a reminder winter is looming! Not only does a whole load of tasks get done but the addition of six new faces makes quite an impact socially and always interesting where everyone comes from and each person usually has a fairly unique story on how they came to be on Eigg.

In 2015 volunteer season we had 11 SWT volunteers, 18 IEHT volunteers, 6 IEHT conservation holiday volunteers. There was also 18 volunteers for other organisations on the island plus a further 4 summer workers. That is a grand total of 53 volunteers from April to September!

Hopefully 2016 will be just as successful, next years application forms have now been updated and available for download.

I thought this was pretty cool and worth sharing… a previous volunteer has set up a little website with a sound map she created of Eigg click HERE if you are interested in hearing some sound bites of Eigg…

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