Sunshine continues

How am I meant to concentrate on being inside painting and spring cleaning the volunteer accommodation when this is going on outside….!!


Progress is slow as I have been taking many tea breaks on the doorstep soaking in as many rays as possible, what an amazing week of weather. Here’s hoping the summer will follow suit….

Spring is springing…

IMG_0222 Isn’t it always so wonderful to see signs of spring! The snowdrops have burst open and the birds are chirping away to their hearts content! Even the weather seems to be playing along with the spring theme with today showing temperatures higher than we had last summer…. long may it last! This winter on Eigg seems to have been unusually busy for some reason and anyone that did manage a little hibernation I would say, it is now well and truly over! Accommodation providers have been scrubbing away and wielding dusters around, visitors have started arriving, even day trippers and Easter is just around the corner.

On the volunteer side of things I have been working away on what the itinerary for the volunteer season will be, signing up lots of lovely enthusiastic volunteers for 2016 and then the biggest task of all getting the volunteer accommodation cleaned and its even getting a coat or two of paint (!) ready for the busy season ahead.IMG_0208   The only availability for volunteer places left are in April and June with a few weeks here and there in July and August. The volunteer house will also be shared this year by the new SWT ranger, due to arrive at the end of March so hopefully the house will look a bit better than the photo above by then!

The first of our community volunteer days kicked off with pruning in the orchard last Sunday and next week will be a clean up around the pier, t-room & shop. Then the week after that will be spent getting the hall ready for the Easter ceilidh on Saturday 26th followed by the craft fair on the Monday 28th. Busy times for March!