Bird Hide Project

We have had a bird hide planned for many years now and the project has started, stopped, forgotten about for a while and then finally we have had new inspiration and the wonderful assistance from a volunteer to get the project on the go again…. Daniel from the Netherlands was kind enough to travel all that way to spend 10days on our isle and start making sense of previous plans that only existed in a locals heads, nowhere near a paper plan! Despite the lack of a plan, location and the challenge of using natural materials, Daniel made a fantastic start on the foundations. Daniel has made a strong  stone foundation edge that will hold a wooden structure eventually… and started to lay smaller stones for the floor. His hopes are on his departure that we will now continue with the stone work floor and complete some digging required to one side. Hopefully next week the now smaller team of volunteers will continue from where Daniel left off. Once the volunteer group has finished what we can do, it will be then be passed on to a local who will complete the wooden structure.  For now this is where we are at…

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