Team July

I didn’t think it was possible for time to go by any quicker than June but actually, July did exactly that! A lot of clearing for July of bracken and general growth from paths, roadsides and around trees although to get a break from clearing for a day a week the Craft Fairs have started up every Monday from the beginning of July until the end of August.

We worked away on clearing the forestry path that then links up with the main forestry road. A lot of midges and flies kept us company….

Back to continue clearing back the main forestry road, sunshine today though! We even got to play with draining the larger puddles from the road, what fun…!

More clearing but this time around trees in the largest of the newer plantation sites in the forestry and along came a grass hopper checking up on progress…. then onto pulling thistles from our graveyard with a very pleasant sunny stop for lunch.


Team July – left  to right, Kathryn, Rachel, Andrew and Ewen.

Back to the good old Scottish weather we know! We worked on clearing the main roadside to allow better visibility for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists for the busiest part of the summer as there seems to be a lot of folk around this year.

Back to clearing back the bracken and overgrowth on the roadside. Kathryn is still smiling even after being here for a whole month and beating back so much bracken!! I hope Augusts volunteers are going to be just as enthusiastic towards bracken….

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