Out with 2016

We have flown into 2017 with extreme speed that I didn’t even manage to get time to post the final days of our season of fantastic volunteers! Thank you to everyone that helped out in 2016, every year we are so lucky to get a great bunch of folk. Always an absolute pleasure to work alongside and at the same time we get to spend the days in the fresh, sometimes wild outdoors and get many tasks completed to boot!

We spent much of our last days working on paths, opening up old paths that were heavily overgrown, like the one above from the forestry Hydro Dam down to Laig. This one kept us busy for quite a few days as we fought through bushes, brambles and pulled heather to make the path open and clear to follow once again.


Alberto entertaining the ladies while we shelter from a shower of rain!

A before and after moment while the other two pose for page 3 of the volunteer news!

 Off we want again for the final day working on this path which involved heading to the top of the hill on the first of these pictures to build a stile over the fence, but first a welcome rest and moment to enjoy the spectacular views before we got started!

Preparation of the ground to fit a stile seemed to be a challenge after the long slog up the hill shortly followed by a whole load of hilarity, levitating roots caught on the first picture, singing and sawing!

Lunch time! The team seemed to feel the need to show off the muscles(!) before the final way marker being placed, a bit more hilarity and on to posing with the beautiful new stile with style!

Our final days were a bit on the damp side but nothing seemed to dampen the sprits of this lot, hilarity continued through the rain. The Old Laig Shortcut that was started earlier in the season was completed, cobweb watch was on as the weather was perfect fore showing of our many spiders hard work. Young trees were cleared from bracken and other encroaching weeds and rhododendron shoots were pulled. We joined Historic Scotland on guided walks to sites of interest of hut circles, Stuidh and Five Pennies. Unloaded a delivery of wood ready for a new path planned that we didn’t have time to do in 2016 but will be first on the list for spring 2017… and finished off with giving outside the community hall a sprucing to fit in with the newly fitted windows along with being blessed with a welcome ray or two of sunshine! What a busy 2016 it was!!