Wow, can’t believe two months has gone by since the last update..sorry about that! Since the last update we have been very busy with preparations for the 20th Buyout Anniversary celebrations that included many days painting inside and out of our community hall, cleaning and grafting away on the surrounding area to make it ready to host a week of events from the 12th of June. We had an exhibition of 20yrs of projects, slide shows, newspaper collections following the buyout story along with incredibly inspiring people power talks from Alastair McIntosh and Maggie Fyffe covering the trials, tribulations and personal memories of the buyout story. A very special time years ago and a chance to remember and acknowledge the worldwide support that were received throughout that time. It is also very important time to reflect and recognise the ethos behind the community buyout and ensure the future continues not wavering to far from the track! All serious things should be completed with a good ceilidh, which of course we did on the 17th in style!


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Back to work we went after all the fun and frolics, it was unanimous with the full volunteer team how wonderful it was to be working away from the community hall… as we moved onto catching up on path clearance as our eye was off the ball and looking at other things everywhere seemed to grow metres high and of course the bracken starts to take over! We spent the rest of the month concentrating on clearing paths, with the route  around the Community Orchard and then skirting the edges of the manse woods. We  also cleared the main forestry path.

And for a bit of a change of scenery from bracken and brambles we worked away at removing sycamore that is trying to smother out Hazel trees in various areas of the Manse Woods with help from the SWT warden Gillian and her volunteers.

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