March 2019

March has seen a burst of growth at our tree nursery and we are madly trying to keep up! The trees that have all looked completely dead over the winter are suddenly uncurling their leaves magically practically overnight. It is very exciting to see spring life…


The harsh winter weather and the inadequate soil condition of our outdoor growing beds has seen our Scots Pine, Alder and Rowan to be flattened and the soil being washed away exposing the roots. Over the last few weeks we have been madly transplanting them into rootrainers and move them into the polytunnel to save them all.

Saving the Scots Pine…

Now we have the outdoor beds becoming empty after our transplanting, we are now, when the weather allows, digging seaweed into the soil and going to leave it for a year to hopefully improve the condition. Along with finally creating a compost bin with a mixture of leaves, seaweed and soil.

The hard work does not stop there. Inside the polytunnel the seeds that were planted at the beginning of the month are more than ready to be transplanted from their seed trays into rootrainers.

On the first picture we have trays of germinating Ash seed on the 27th March and then the second picture the same trays on the 1st of April – I am amased by the dramatic growth in just 5days! They are all now at a crucial stage to get them transplanted before they become to big. Thankfully we now have a full team of volunteers for the season working hard to keep up….


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