April 2019

Over the last few weeks we have managed to transplant about 5,000 Ash seedlings a further 200 Hawthorn and Cherry! The Hawthorn and Cherry have had less survival rates but the strongest Ash have been very successful. There is so many variants why some have worked and others not, erratic temperatures, transplanting techniques, the seedling itself or just some survive and some don’t!! Anyhow any we get to grow is more than if we didn’t try at all….



The Hazel have finally starting to pop through which is brilliant as I was starting to loose hope that any were going to germinate. The Oak have also started to appear with the first few big enough to transplant into the rootrainers.


The next batch of seedlings that will be ready for transplanting in a week or so is Birch! Absolutely delighted to get this to germinate as I wasn’t successful last year at all. This year I went to great lengths to do all sorts of experimentations of soaking seed, not soaking and planting with no prep and another batch under plastic. And all of them have germinated and all at the same time so there was no noticeable differences to either batch. I spend nearly every morning staring at seed trays looking for any sign of life, below is a picture to see if you can spot the wee seedlings, once you do you will see hundreds of them! You can just imagine how excited I was when I saw them the other morning!


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