New Polytunnel

The large tunnel has served me well and is brilliant although I have found in spring especially when there is a mixture of seed trays and stock left to grow on for a further year it is impossible to get the watering right as one thing is either over or under watered… in an attempt to help alleviate this problem we have purchased a smaller tunnel as a germination area.

While I was waiting for the seeds to germinate and get to a transplantable size I started working on building the new tunnel. Many flashbacks were had to the head confusion the first tunnel caused mainly due to it being a commercial sized tunnel where normally you would get polytunnel experts come and put it up for you. I did not realise this when I purchased it! Anyhow, we managed with many volunteers helping out along the season, it just took a lot longer than I ever expected!!

This new tunnel however was quite the opposite as it is within the’hobby’ range and it came with a large instruction booklet, links to a video and each step of nuts/bolts/parts were all in separate bags or bundles with codes to the instructions – genius. It also made for quite a quick build even on my own with only a day or two having to ask for extra hands and the final part to put the plastic on.

The new tunnel has not sat empty for long and filled quickly in June with the first try at growing some conifers. We have a mixture of Scots Pine, Douglas fir, Western Red Cedar and Norway Spruce. The conifers are intended to be planted as part of a mix with native trees into the recently felled areas in our forestry plantation.

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