Woodland Creation – Step 2

The first Woodland Creation project to be planted with our own trees was carried out over spring 2020 and completed spring 2021. Now the 17,500 trees have been planted the next step is the maintenance and after care. Going in and cutting back or digging out the brambles to begin with has helped the next step. The next step being cutting back the bracken. It is unfortunate that the most fertile ground does mean that you have to compete with the bracken. We have gone in and cut round the trees by hand as they are small sitting below the bracken and only have vole guards on so any other way would most likely mean chopping the trees too. Although a few trees had a wee trim where the bracken was so thick you couldn’t see or the spacing wasn’t quite what you thought it was going to be! Hard work but very rewarding to see that so far, the success rates have been at least 95%! I was super concerned as right in the middle of planting we had the longest cold snap I remember with the ground being frozen solid for a week meaning the trees already planted must have got frozen and also the trees we had stored in boxes on site had also frozen. Then a month later we had a heat wave and a near drought! Then when the wether has been a little more stable they have had to compete with everything else trying to grow. Despite these hardships the wee trees fight on for another year….

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