Individual Volunteer ~ April – September

The Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust recognises the support given to the island by volunteers and maintains a fair pricing scheme to allow subsidised volunteer places throughout the summer season of £25/wk as a nominal fee towards admin and household running costs. Donations are also very welcome.

Conservation Working Holiday

It costs the Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust to run each Conservation Working Holiday. We subsidise some places to allow folks from all walks of life to apply. Your contribution is valuable and if you are able to pay for an unsubsidised place we would be very grateful! Costs applicable to participants run on a sliding scale of fees, for a 1week conservation working holiday per person; £125 unsubsidised, £100 waged, £85 part-time waged and £60 for unemployed, student or other. Donations are also very welcome. Costs include accommodation.